Matley Swimming Pools And Spas Uninvited Hot Tub Guest

Uninvited Hot Tub Guest

Matley Swimming Pools And Spas Uninvited Hot Tub GuestI came home from Matley Swimming Pools and Spas to find Sidney The Snake guarding his position at our Hot Tub. I don’t remember sending him an invitation…..Definitely an uninvited Hot Tub Guest!….. Although ‘Sidney’ was not invited, ‘Sidney’s and Sarah’s’ are a very common site around hot tubs because of the heat and they find it a great place to raise little Sidney’s and Sarah’s… If you find a visitor like this around your hot tub or pool pump (another common hangout this time of year!), head to your local hardware store and pickup some “snake-b-gone”! Snake are wonderful to help keep the bug population at bay but certainly do not make pleasant spa partners!

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Check back often and have a Happy Summer Everyone (even you too Sidney)!