American Whirlpool RB4

This American Whirlpool RB4 Swim Spa has the same features as the RL4 and also comes with bench seats that run the length of the Swim Spa.

American Whirlpool Swim Spa Model RB4


Dimensions 168" X 90"
Depth 50"
Seating Capacity 3
Water Capacity (gal/liters) 1150 gallons
Weight (empty/full) 2200/11,400 lbs
Total Jets 30


[N/A = Not Available or Not Applicable with this model]

Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP Standard
Pump 2: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP Standard
Pump 3: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP N/A
Pump 4 (Spa): 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP N/A
Steel Sub-Structure Standard
240V/40A/50A (4-Wire) N/A
240V/40A/60A (4-Wire) Standard
DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry Standard
Northern Exposure® Insulation Standard
Freeze Protection System Standard
LED Illuminated Swimline Standard
Two-Tone Molded Pillow N/A
Pillows QTY: 2 
Stainless Steel Jets Standard
3.5" Underwater Light Standard 
Illuminated Cup Holders QTY: 2
Aurora Cascade Water Feature QTY: 6
SmartTouch2 Controls Standard
WiFi Connectivity Standard
Bluetooth Music System Option
CleanZone™ System Option
CleanZone™ II UV System Option
Exercise Kit Resistance Bands QTY: 1
Exercise Kit Resistance Bands with Oars N/A 
Swim Tether N/A
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