Off Season

Arctic Blue® Algae Protector

Bio Lab ProductsArctic Blue Algae Protector prevents the growth of all types of pool algae during the off season months. Formulated for use in chlorinated or brominated swimming pools of all surface and filter types.

  • Prevents pool algae growth during winter months when used as directed
  • For clear water at spring opening
  • No mixing or pre-dissolving needed


Arctic Blue® Shock

Bio Lab ProductsArctic Blue Shock is an effective winter shock used to oxidize and clarify through the off season months. It’s ideal for all pool surfaces. Using this product in the off-season will make pool opening easy.

  • First step in an effective winterization program
  • Restores water clarity
  • Oxidizer, buffer, clarifier and flocculant
  • Ideal for all pool surfaces

Arctic Blue® Winter Kits

winterKit-mBioGuard’s Arctic Blue(r) Winter Kits are designed to provide superior protection while your pool is winterized. The kits are offered in two convenient sizes. The first kit will treat 12,000 gallons of pool water and the second will treat 24,000 gallons of pool water. Each kit contains a Winterization Guide and $8 in coupons for BioGuard products.

Each kit contains:

  • Arctic Blue® Algae Protector
  • Arctic Blue Shock
  • Winterizing instructions
  • Valuable Coupons

Winter Algicide

Bio Lab ProductsWinter Algicide is economical, non-staining and non-corrosive. It helps protect water from algae during the off season months.

  • Economical
  • Prevents and controls algae when pool is closed for winter



Winter Floater WP

Bio Lab ProductsThe Silk Winter Floater WP’s unique design keeps two 1/2 lb. chlorinating silk sticks well below the winter cover line to provide long-lasting, continuous chlorination during the winter months. For white plaster pools only.

  • Now with SilkGuard
  • Ideal for white plaster pools only



Winter Shock II

winterShockII-mWinter Shock II is our popular, lithium-based winter shock treatment ideally suited for vinyl and above-ground pools. Packaged in convenient 1 lb. bags it dissolves quickly, won’t cloud water, and oxidizes organic wastes.

  • Chlorinating-oxidizing treatment ideal for vinyl, painted and fiberglass pools
  • Non-clouding
  • Quick dissolving
  • Ideal for all pool surface types