American Whirlpool Hot Tubs

The American Whirlpool 470 hot tub has a unique interior design that allows comfortable seating for six while permitting full body immersion in the performance seat. This is the ideal model for those who enjoy outdoor entertaining or quiet conversation among friends.



Dimensions 88" X 88"
Depth 35"
Seating Capacity 6
Water Capacity (gal/liters) 296 gallons
Weight (empty/full) 725 lbs / 3885 lbs
Total Jets 48


[N/A = Not Available or Not Applicable with this model]

Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 5.0 bHP N/A
Pump 2: 56 Frame 2-Speed 5.0 bHP N/A
Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP Standard
Pump 2: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHP Standard
240V/30A/40A (4-Wire) N/A
240V/40A/60A (4-Wire) Standard
Steel Sub-Structure Standard
DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry Standard
ABS Sealed Bottom Pan Standard
Northern Exposure® Insulation Standard 
Freeze/Overheat Protection System N/A
Illuminated Spa Controls QTY: 1
Pillows QTY: 2
Molded Grab Bar N/A
Stainless Steel Jets Standard
Programmable Filter Cycles Standard

Features Continued

3.5" LED Underwater Spa Light Standard
Illuminated Cup Holders QTY: 4
Zone Therapy™ Seat Standard
AeroMAAX™ Plus with air injectors Option
ChromaTherapy Standard
Illuminated Waterfall N/A
Aurora Cascade Water Feature QTY: 2
Calf Jets N/A
SmartTouch2 Controls Standard
Comfort Collar™ QTY: 1
X-Series Collar Option
Foot Relief Zone™ N/A
Performance Seating N/A
Digital Color Optic Lighting Standard
Wifi Connectivity Standard 
Bluetooth Music System Option
Foot Dome QTY: 1
CleanZone™ System Option
CleanZone™ II UV System Option
Lounge N/A
Shiatsu Massage Seat Standard
Pedestal Lights Option
Dynamic Jet Sequencer Option
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American Whirlpool Model 470 Hot Tub

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